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2024 Mileage Rates (January 1, 2024)

  • Standard Business Mileage Rate is $0.67 a mile (IDE pays 90% which is $0.60 a mile).
  • Standard Medical and Moving Mileage Rate is $0.21.
  • Charitable Deduction Rate is $0.14 a mile.

Salary Information

At each district convention, delegates vote to approve salary guidelines and schedules for the coming triennium for both ordained and commissioned workers. They also include recommendations for benefits, housing, continuing education, vacation, and many others.

2023-2025 Ordained Worker Salary Guidelines
2023-2025 Commissioned Worker Salary Guidelines

Alliance Defending Freedom

The Iowa District East – LCMS has entered into a Ministry Alliance with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). One of the benefits, is that congregations and ministries within the IDE will be able to join in member benefits such as governing document review, access to attorneys, legal resources, and pro bono representation at a discounted rate.


A church will join the ADF Church Alliance. ADF Church Alliance is a legal membership for churches, launched by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Alliance Defending Freedom is the largest religious freedom legal organization in the world. In addition to advocating for religious freedom, we advocate for the sanctity of life, free speech, and marriage and family. The pricing for the church is based on average weekly attendance. The promo code for the church is LCMS20. You will receive a 20% on your membership.


A school will join the ADF Ministry Alliance. Alliance Defending Freedom launched ADF Ministry Alliance in order to provide religious freedom legal help to Christian ministries. The need for legal preparation and protection for ministries was becoming increasingly obvious. Christian ministries continue to be singled out for their beliefs about the sanctity of life, marriage and the family, and biblical values. If your school and church are under the same tax ID and 501c3 license, you will join with one application on the ADF Ministry Alliance.  You will combine the revenue for the church and school for the correct pricing. The promo code for the school is LCMSMA.  You will receive a 20% on your membership.


On a church/school combination (under the same tax ID number), when the school completes the application for the ministry alliance, there will be a question on the application asking if they also have a church and they should check “YES”. You will join separately if your Church and school are under different tax IDs. 

ADF Church Alliance
ADF Ministry Alliance

IDE Policy Recommendations

Below you will find two policy templates approved and recommended by the Iowa District East – LCMS Board of Directors for use by district congregations. The language of these Building Use and Wedding policies has been reviewed by our attorneys and it is not recommended that it should be changed.

Building Use Policy
Wedding Policy

LCMS Congregational Resources


For resources on Lutheran worship including prayers, lectionary readings, church music, the church year calendar, and much more, please see the LCMS website.


Position Description Guides

If you are looking to establish a new position or to update your existing position descriptions at your congregation, school, or ministry, please refer to these position description guides published by the LCMS.

Ministry Staff Positions
Congregational Officers
Administrative Staff Positions
Facilities Staff Positions

Church Administration

Available from the LCMS and are items regarding administration for your church, school, or ministry. Direction can be found for human resources, legal issues, finances, constitution and bylaw matters, safety, and many more.

Employment Resource Manual
Congregational Treasurers Manual
Church and School Administration

Early Childhood Ministries

Iowa Early Childhood Ministries Handbook