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Travel Expense

Iowa District East expenses incurred for travel on behalf of the District. This form can be filled in electronically (will calculate) or manually. Print and sign a hard copy and submit the completed form to the IDE President for approval. Attach all receipts.

Travel Expense Report
Request for Reimbursement

Reimbursement of personal ‘out-of-pocket’ monies that were used to pay for District expenses (such as postage, supplies, meeting refreshments, etc.) Attach all receipts.

Reimbursement Request
Meeting Expense Voucher

Expenses (such as mileage & sub-pay) incurred by committee members attending District committee meetings. Attach receipts where applicable. Include school name, town and amount owed if requesting sub-pay.

Meeting Expense Voucher

Travel, Meeting, and Reimbursement

As a general rule, if you are traveling on behalf of the district, IDE will reimburse mileage and out of pocket expenses incurred. If you are attending a district-sponsored event or meeting on behalf of your school, the school is responsible for your mileage & expenses.

2024 Mileage Rates (January 1, 2024)

  • Standard Business Mileage Rate is $0.67 a mile (IDE pays 90% which is $0.60 a mile).
  • Standard Medical and Moving Mileage Rate is $0.21.
  • Charitable Deduction Rate is $0.14 a mile.
Payment Voucher

Request payment to an external entity such as a vendor, service provider, speaker, registration fees, etc. Be sure to attach back-up documentation (such as invoices, registration forms, etc.) when appropriate. Please use this form whenever such a request is necessary.

Payment Voucher
Update Treasurer Information

In order to serve our congregations and schools better, we periodically forward information regarding taxes, healthcare, and other district business electronically through e-mail. We also sometimes need to be able to contact the treasurer or business manager directly with specific concerns regarding church business. Please provide/update contact information for your congregational and/or school treasurer by completing the online form linked below.

Treasurer Contact Form