District Convention

August 6, 2020


The 2021 Iowa District East – District Convention will be held at the Cedar Rapids Marriott over June 25-26, 2021. Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer will present on the convention theme “Persecution and Passion: Faithfulness Under the Cross.” Registration will open in the spring of 2021.


In preparation for next summer’s convention, your congregation will participate in a circuit forum to elect your circuit visitor.  The circuit forum will meet at the call of the Circuit Visitor.


Each congregation must designate their representatives to attend the Circuit Forum.  One pastor and one lay person from each parish (congregation or multi-congregation) is to be selected in a manner of the parish’s choosing. Congregations of a multi-congregation parish not contributing a lay voter may send as advisory representative, with voice but no vote.


Congregations may nominate candidates for Circuit Visitor.  Any pastor in the circuit may serve as the Circuit Visitor.  Nominations must be received by the current Circuit Visitor before the day of the Circuit Forum.


Congregations may participate in the triennial process of determining Synod priorities. Congregations are encouraged to send ideas and suggestions with their representatives to the circuit forum.  The forum should, in the form of an overture, submit “triennial mission and ministry emphases” for consideration at the district convention.


The official convention mailing will be sent in late September.  This mailing will include more information including deadlines, delegate forms, nomination forms and information on overtures.


Rev. Mark H. Brase, Secretary
Iowa District East – LCMS Board of Directors