Fall Pastors’ Conference

The Fall Pastors Conference is an Official District Conference, hence an obligatory event for pastors serving in congregations and parishes. Fees should be paid by your congregation. Every pastor must submit a registration regardless of attendance. If you are unable to attend, you must submit an official excuse. (LCMS Bylaw 4.8.2)

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Tentative Schedule


12:00PM  Registration
1:00PM    Opening Worship
1:45PM    Session 1
3:00PM     Break
3:30PM    Session 2
4:45PM    Closing Devotions
Supper at Camp


8:30AM      Opening Worship
9:00AM      Session 3
10:00AM    District Business
10:30AM    Break
11:00PM     Session 4
12:00PM    Lunch
1:00PM      Sectionals
2:00PM     Break
2:30PM      Session 5
3:45PM     Closing Devotions

The 2022 Fall Pastors’ Conference will be held October 3-4 at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca in Solon, IA with Pastor Peter Preus will be presenting on Gospel Comfort for the Grieving, Gospel Relief for the Despairing.


Pastor Peter Preus graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana in May of 1982. After serving congregations in Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, he most recently served The Lutheran Church of the Triune God in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota from August of 1999 until August of 2017, when he retired.  Pastor Preus’s first wife, Jean, committed suicide in September of 1994.  He remarried in May of 1997 to Julie Lams. Julie, in addition to serving as a loving wife and mother, retired from teaching at St. John’s, Corcoran MN in 2018. In 2011 Pastor Preus’s book: “And She Was a Christian – Why Do Believers Commit Suicide?” was published by Northwestern Publishing House. In the fall of 2021 his book, I Will Grieve for the Suicide was produced by Life Ministry with The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Pastor Preus has also written various articles on grieving for the suicide and ministering to the despairing Christian.


Gospel Comfort for the Grieving

A Christian’s suicide can be viewed as a paradox.  How can this person, whose hope is focused on Christ and his salvation, apparently give up hope and determine that his life should end? In our presentation, Christians Wrestle with Suicide – Gospel Comfort for the Grieving, we will answer the following questions and more.

A Case for Shame

  • What is behind suicide’s stigma?
  • How has the church contributed to suicide’s stigma?

A Case for Blame

  • Did God give her more than she could handle?
  • Why can’t I stop feeling guilty?

A Case for Hopelessness

  • But why would a Christian think about a suicide?
  • Can a Christian despair?
  • Did she really want to die?

A Case for Grace

  • How do I comfort the grieving?
  • How do I support the grieving?


Gospel Relief for the Despairing 

What do you say to the despairing Christian? What if he’s suffering from thoughts of suicide? In our presentation, Christians Wrestle with Suicide – Gospel Relief for the Depressed and the Suicidal we will answer the following questions and more.

Listening and Being Heard

  • Getting to the Bottom of His Despair
  • Can you Sympathize? . . . You Can Empathize
  • What Should You Do If You Determine Someone is Suicidal?

The Question of Law or Gospel

  • An Alternative to Shaming into Silence
  • Suicide’s Better Deterrent

When Life Has Become a Paradox (Identifying the Conflict)

  • What is Your Illness Telling You?
  • What is God Telling You?

What Good Is This Cross?

  • Flawed Attempts to Deal with One’s Cross
  • The Patient Alternative: Carrying the Cross

Living with Your Illness Day to Day

  • Living off God’s Grace through the Divine Service
  • Living off God’s Grace through Private Confession
  • Living off God’s Grace through Private Communion