Student Aid Guidelines

Students applying for Student Aid must be a member of a congregation in the Iowa District East of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.




High School graduate who is an active member of a congregation within Iowa District East of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  This graduate needs to be enrolled and has been accepted at a Concordia University or Seminary and preparing for a full-time professional vocation in the church.


College and Seminary students already enrolled in a Concordia University or Seminary and hold church membership in Iowa District East.


Colloquy students enrolled and accepted into the various colloquy programs of our synodical structure who are also members of an Iowa District East congregation. There also may be funds available for Continuing Education and Professional Development. Please use the application form for Colloquy / CE / Prof. Dev.


Financial aid is not available…

  • …to Graduate level students,
  • …to seminarians on vicarage, or
  • …for teachers, DCE’s, DCO’s, deaconesses, or any other student during internships.


Note: All student aid is awarded to full-time students in the traditional time frames for graduation. (i.e. Up to and not exceeding four academic years for undergraduate students.  Up to and not exceeding three academic years at the seminary for pastoral students.  Up to and not exceeding two academic years for deaconess students, etc.



  1. Financial gifts will be granted in one-year periods and based on the need of financial assistance for each applicant.
  2. All applications must be received by the chairman of the Student Aid Committee by NO later than June 1st.
  3. All applicants must file a District Financial Aid Application each year requesting financial aid. (This form is fillable online.  Save a copy to your desktop to come back to every year.)
  4. First Time applicants must secure two (2) letters of recommendation to be mailed directly to the chairman of the Student Aid Committee. The recommendations should come preferably from the applicant’s pastor and a school official.



  1. Each applicant wishing to apply for financial assistance from the District should go to the Iowa District East website for the necessary District Financial Aid Application forms or secure it from the Financial Aid Director of the school in which he/she is enrolled.
  2. Each applicant is expected to report to the Chairman of the Student Aid Committee any changes in plans or status of enrollment at the time they occur.
  3. Students who receive financial gifts from the District and have graduated from college or seminary are expected to give a minimum of two years of professional service in The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

June 23-26, 1978 Convention, [Revised January 1984 – IDE Board of Directors, Revised November 6, 2007 – IDE Board of Directors, Revised January 2016 – IDE Board of Directors]