Worship Committee of
Iowa District East, LCMS

The IDE Worship Committee exists to promote, encourage and support excellent worship practice among the congregations of the Iowa District East.  The Committee especially supports a Scriptural-based theology of worship and practice which appreciates the historic liturgy of the Christian Church, and works to apply that practice to the church today.  The use of Lutheran Service Book (LSB) with its many options for Word and Sacrament ministry, as well as the prayer offices and occasional services contained in it, along with its companion volumes, such as the Agenda, Pastoral Care Companion, and Hymn and Liturgy Accompaniment editions are highly commended to IDE congregations.  The Committee seeks to support pastors and their congregations by offering guidelines for weddings and funerals, and commending weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  The Committee also stands ready to address questions and topics about worship practice submitted by pastors and congregations, and to provide its advice and counsel.  A recent project by the Committee (2011) produced background information on seven hymns from LSB which may be used as bulletin inserts or even as teaching devices.

Members of the Committee

  • Rev. John E. Block, Chairman
  • Marilyn Paetz
  • Mrs. Donna Armbrecht
  • Rev. Andrew Wright
  • Rev. Jonathan Crawford
  • Rev. Anthony Dodgers
  • Mr. Anthony Birnbaum
  • Mrs. Karen Godecke

The Committee always invites input from IDE pastors and congregations as to how it can continue to carry out its mission.


Congregational Bulletin Resource

The Divine Service: Our Lutheran Heritage of Worship

The Worship Committee of Iowa District East recently completed a project which provides a number of bulletin inserts, with information about the varying aspects of the Divine Service.
These bulletin inserts were originally written by Pastor David Miller for use at Trinity Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Worship Committee received requests for work of this nature, and we thought of these right away. Pastor Miller gave us permission to adapt and expand his work, and these are a result of that endeavor. They begin with worship in general, then the Divine Service in general, followed by the various parts of the Divine Service, and conclude with visual aspects of worship and aids to worship. They may be downloaded, copied, and used as you see fit. Biblical citations, unless otherwise noted, are from the English Standard Version. By using these, may you and yours gain deeper understanding and appreciation of our Lutheran heritage of worship.