41st Convention of the Iowa District East – LCMS

41st Convention of the Iowa District East – LCMS

The 41st Convention of the Iowa District East – LCMS took place June 24-25, 2022 at the Cedar Rapids Marriott. Rev. Dr. Brian Saunders (Cedar Rapids) was elected on the first ballot to his 5th term as District President, with Rev. W. Max Mons, S.T.M. (Iowa City) being elected to 1st Vice-President and Rev. Michael Knox (Cedar Falls) elected as 2nd Vice-President. Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer of Concordia Theological Seminary – Ft. Wayne was the convention Essayist. LCMS 4th Vice-President Dr. John Wohlrabe brought synod greetings and the LCMS President’s Report. Rev. Dr. James Baneck, Executive Director of Pastor Formation for the LCMS also spoke on the Set Apart To Serve initiative.

In other elections news, two new Board of Directors officers were elected. Rev. Peter Hoft (Eldridge) was elected as Secretary and Mr. Zach Rowley (Cedar Rapids) was elected as Treasurer. Rev. Andrew Gray (Marengo) was elected to the Ordained Minister to the IDE Board of Directors, while Mr. Roger Zoske (Hubbard) and Mr. Jim Swales (Center Point) were elected as laymen to the IDE Board of Directors.

For the Constitutional Review Commitee, Rev. Gary Sears (Conroy) was elected as an ordained member and Mr. Joshua McNary was elected as the layperson. For the 2025 Nominating Committee, Rev. Samuel Beltz (Oksaloosa) and Rev. James Preus (Ottumwa) were elected as ordained members, Mr. Tony Dixon DCE (Cedar Rapids) was elected as a commissioned member, and Mr. Samuel Kleiss (Cedar Falls) and Mr. Mark Platte (Waverly) were elected as lay members.

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