2018 IDE District Convention

Convention Proceedings

District Convention Proceedings are now available:


Joyfully Lutheran Book

Attendees of the 2018 District Convention heard from LCMS President Harrison who referenced the Joyfully Lutheran Booklet. The booklets were provided to us by the President’s office. An electronic copy of the Joyfully Lutheran book can be found at the following link:

Joyfully Lutheran Booklet

2018 Convention Workbook

2018 Convention Workbook
2019-2021 Ordained Salary Guidelines – Approved
2019 – 2021 Commissioned Salary Guidelines – Approved


Attendees of the Convention heard from guest speaker Dr. David P. Scaer during the convention. Dr. Scaer is the author of James, the Apostle of Faith. This book can be found online for purchase through Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Convention Resources

05/08 Host Congregation Letter to the Delegates
05/08 2018 Convention Workbook
04/18 Pastoral Delegate – Credential Form
04/18 Lay Delegate – Credential Form
9/01 Convention Letter to IDE Congregations
9/01 Delegate Reporting Form
9/01 Delegate Characterization Form
9/01 Presidium Nominations
9/01 Official Notice: 2018 Call for Nominations
8/28 Circuit Visitor Election Form
8/28 Circuit Visitor Elections at Circuit Forum
8/28 Official Notice of Convention 2018


Letter Re: Circuit Forum

Convention Proceedings