Christmas Eve

Today’s Reading: Luke 2:1-20

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son…” Luke 2:7a

Christmas Eve, “The most wonderful night of the year!” Why is it a very special night for you? For most of us it is a night of memories; memories which go back to early childhood. The weeks of anticipation, the compiling of “wish lists,” and the family gatherings are some of these pleasant memories. But, if Jesus is not our main Christmas focus, our future would indeed be sad, for we would be forever lost.

“There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins” (Eccl. 7:20). That is why God sent His only-begotten Son to be our Savior. That is why Jesus was born in Bethlehem. That is why He shed His blood for us on Calvary’s cross. That is why He rose again on Easter Sunday; that our sins have been paid for and that we might know for certain that He has conquered death for us. This is our “wish list.”

Yes, the Virgin Mary gave birth to her firstborn son who is Jesus our Savior. Mary was willing to be the Mother of our Lord even though she would suffer much because of this. Let us on this holy night rejoice with God’s people everywhere and with the holy angels. Christ, our Savior is born!

Prayer: My heart for very joy must leap; My lips no more can silence keep. I, too, must sing with joyful tongue that sweetest ancient cradlesong. Amen (From Heaven Above to Earth I Come, LSB 358:14).

This devotion was written by Reverend Gib Mueller, Emeriti Pastor assisting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Davenport, IA.

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