Church Office Resources

Church Office Administration Resources – This collection provides information and support for LCMS congregations and pastors in managing church operations. Personnel matters, job descriptions, call documents and financial matters.

Financial Matters

Please update your congregation’s treasurer information by completing and sending a Contact Information form to the District Office.

Congregational Treasurer’s Manual
The Congregational Treasurer’s Manual assists the congregational or school treasurer and any other person responsible for financial or administrative matters.

The Congregational Treasurer’s Manual consists of 2 volumes. Volume 1 is a tax and administration manual; Volume 2 is an accounting, finance, and insurance manual. Volume 1 is updated and printed annually, while Volume 2 is updated on an “as needed” basis, since little change occurs in the accounting and finance sections of the Treasurer’s Manual from year to year. Both volumes are on the CD each year. Send a completed Order Form to Sherry Brendes at the District Office.

Taxes and Ministers
Click here to download a resource on tax issues for ordained and commissioned ministers. This document touches on topics such as the IRS’s definition of minister, Housing/Parsonage allowances, paying federal and state taxes, etc.

2018 Mileage Rates (January 1, 2018)

  • Standard Business Mileage Rate is $0.545 a mile (IDE pays 90% which is $0.49 a mile).
  • Standard Medical and Moving Mileage Rate is $0.18.
  • Charitable Deduction Rate is $0.14 a mile.

Personnel Matters

Employment Resource Manual – This is provided by the LCMS to assist congregations in understanding and applying good, sound, employment principles.

Job Descriptions
The following are suggested position descriptions for a variety of staff and congregational officer positions. These documents contain several job descriptions for each category.

Concordia Plan Services – Learn about your benefits as an employee in an LCMS congregation.

Church Policies

The Iowa District East Board of Directors recommends these policies for use by IDE Congregations.