Open to Marriage, Open to Children: Our Identity as God’s Children

LFLOpen to Marriage, Open to Children: Our Identity as God’s Children

Come hear a special presentation from your District Life Coordinator, Rev. Alex Post from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marshalltown!

  • Meet a young child – what does he want to be when he grows up?
  • Meet a young catechumen – what does she think about marriage?
  • Meet a newly married husband and wife – what do they think about children?
  • Meet a mother and father – what do they say to their children?
  • Meet a grandparent – how does he or she encourage children and grandchildren with the pro-life message?
  • How can each of us lovingly and boldly proclaim God’s truth to all people?

Lutherans for Life, Lutheran Family Services, Equipping Youth, Bridgehaven,
and other for-life groups will also present!

Sunday, October 18, 2015 @ 2pm
Zion Lutheran Church, Hiawatha

This presentation is perfect for all Christians concerned with life issues, especially moms, dads, teachers, pastors, elders, and grandparents!


Pastor Alex Post is blessed to be called to faith through Baptism into Christ. He is also blessed to be husband to Esther, father to Logan (4), Elsa (2), and Nova (4 months), and pastor to God’s children at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marshalltown. Pastor Post attended Concordia University in Wisconsin and Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has served as coordinator for Students for Life, attended life marches and life chains, volunteered at a shelter for pregnant woman called A Place of Refuge, and studies and teaches life issues for all ages. Pastor Alex Post is the Life Coordinator for Iowa District East.


Open to Marriage, Open to Children:
Our Identity as God’s Children

This discussion of our identity as baptized sons and daughters of God affirms the unique vocations of babies and children, students and employees, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and single persons, shifting the discussion away from our “sexuality.” God calls us to an attitude of openness to marriage among young people and openness to having children among married people, both of which are being undermined by current cultural trends. Education and career are gifts from our Father in heaven, but God wants us to be open to the gifts of marriage and children as well.

Life Issues Experience

My mother and father chose life for me, by the grace of God Who knit me together in my mother’s womb! I’ve been involved with Students for Life at university, where I served as coordinator, planned a Bioethics Conference, attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and the Students for Life of America Conference, participated in sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic, and volunteered at a shelter for pregnant women called A Place of Refuge. I walked in the March for Life and prayed at the 40 Days For Life vigil in Fort Wayne. As pastor at Redeemer in Marshalltown, I’ve helped coordinate Life Chain, walked with Birthright International at Oktemberfest in Marshalltown, petitioned elected leaders toward for-life legislation, attended the March for Life and LCMS Life Conference last January, and brought youth to the Midwest March for Life in Des Moines. I am the Iowa District East Life Coordinator and my job is to connect congregations and pastors with Lutherans for Life and with other for-life education and outreach opportunities.

Target Audience

This conference is for all Christians concerned with life issues, moms and dads, teachers, elders, pastors, and anyone who is interested in the Word of God which counteracts current cultural trends that undermine God’s gifts of marriage and children.

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