Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent – March 25, 2015

Today’s Reading:  Philippians 2:5-11

but made Himself (Jesus) nothing, taking on the form of a (bond)servant, being born in the likeness of men.”  – Philippians 2:7

Let’s see, what would I like to be when I grow up: a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an astronaut, fireman, policeman, pastor?  At some point every child has asked himself/herself that question.  We have all been there.  The one vocation that is never chosen is that of a “bondservant”.  Webster defines bondservant as “one bound to service without wages” or simply put; a slave.

This is however, the vocation that Jesus chose.  In the days when Jesus walked the earth bondservants were in great supply.  Even though their conditions may have been better than in this country in the days of slavery, the service was the same.  The bondservant did all the work and the one he served received all the benefit.

That is exactly the vocation Jesus has fulfilled.  He came to earth to serve us, to do the work of salvation that we cannot do for ourselves.  He did all the heavy lifting.  He is the One who got down and dirty, even falling to the ground beneath the weight of the cross on the Via Delarosa on the way to Calvary’s mountain, suffering through it all so we could benefit from His effort.  And we do.

We are saved by His grace and receive all the benefits of that grace in baptism, where we are buried and rise again with Him.  As He was born in our likeness, we are born from above, in His likeness.  His grace not only saves us, but empowers us to live like Him, to love our neighbor and serve our brother.

Prayer:  Since Christ has full atonement made and brought to us salvation, each Christian therefore may be glad and build on this foundation.  Your grace alone, dear Lord, I plead, Your death is now my life indeed.  For You have paid my ransom.  (Salvation Unto Us Has Come, LSB 555:6)

This devotion was written by Reverend Larry Feldt, pastor of St. John’s Lutheran in Denver, IA.

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