Saturday of the Third Week of Lent

Todays Reading:  John 9:18-41

For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see…” – John 9:39

The blind man saw, while those with vision were blind living in darkness outside the kingdom, because they had closed their eyes to the Light of the World. Sinful from the moment of conception, you were born spiritually blind, but, God saw your sin. He didn’t restore your sight by simply saying to you, “Open your eyes and see.” No, He used means to give you spiritual sight. He anointed you with water in your Baptism. Your sins were washed away like the blind man’s mud cakes and your spiritual sight restored, not by the water, but by the Word of God in and with the water. The Holy Spirit then shined the Light of the World upon you – enlightening you. In Jesus you were given the free gift of faith, the forgiveness of sins, light, life, and spiritual sight; but your free gift was far from free. Your blind sin sent Jesus to Calvary’s cross, where in the darkness of Good Friday, Jesus paid the supreme price for your sins. Cut off from the Father’s Light, He was cast into utter darkness to endure damnation for your sin. You sinned. God died. Thus, you live.  And now, you too, see.

Prayer: O God, forsake me not! Your gracious presence lend me; Lord, lead Your helpless child; Your Holy Spirit send me That I my course may run. O be my light, my lot, My staff, my rock, my shield – O God, forsake me not! (O God, Forsake Me Not, LSB 731:1).

This devotion was written by Rev. Terry Small – Pastor of St. John Lutheran in Homestead and Good Shepherd in Wellman.

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