Friday of the First Week of Lent

Today’s Reading: John 3:1-17

“Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  – John 3:5b

Upon returning to earth, one of the Soviet cosmonauts declared, “I saw no God.”

It is a laughable argument against God’s existence.  Believers did not expect him to see the invisible God or to meet Him in the heavens.  God can be found right here on earth, in the midst of Christ’s people, the Church.

The Church also seems bereft of God to outsiders.  They see hypocrisy, pride, disagreement, and wickedness among her members.  She hardly seems holy or even Christian. That is because the kingdom of God remains invisible to those who have not been born again.

But God sees differently.  He has established a kingdom for Himself consisting of those who have been born again by the power of His Spirit, who works through the water of Holy Baptism.  His people are new creatures who are spiritually, as well as physically, alive.  They live by faith and rejoice that God, who hid Himself in the flesh of Christ, dwells in them as He dwelt in His temple of old.

Prayer: With one accord, O God, we pray Grant us You Holy Spirit. Help us in our infirmity Through Jesus blood and merit (All Who Believe and Are Baptized, LSB 601:2).

This devotion was written by Rev. Chris Hinkle – Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran, Wapello, IA

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